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Solutie scoatere tatuaje Removy Solution Mareste

Solutie indepartare tatuaje TATTOO Removy



Tattoo Removal This is the most strong removal, do not use around the eyes or on delicate skin. Tattoo Removal is also applied with 5-shader needle. This can’t be used on eyes but might be used on unwanted lip pigmentations. For tattoo, for lips (liner and shading), for organic pigments and also for white pigment.

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bare beauty Removal products aren’t magic products. It will do the job slowly, together with your body pigments which are rejected by your skin. Several treatments are necessary, depending on the amount of your pigments, the kind of the pigment and delicately of your skin

Tattoo Removy - Extra strong Tattoo Removy is the strongest removal in our assortment. It consists of the same ingredients as the Zap Away 'All in one', only with a much more and higher concentration. It’is only recommended for the experi- enced pigmentists. It absolutely cannot be used around the eye area. Besides, be careful when you treat- ing thin soft, sensitive, transparent, porcelain skin. These types of skin are not strong enough and Tat- too Removy can cause a small dimple (sagging of the skin). Large areas cannot be treated in one ses- sion. It’s better, for example of a big tattoo, to divide the whole treatment area into small is-lands of 4 mm2. The healthy skin, which is located between the treated area, en- sures that the skin heals quickly. Quick user manual: Use a 5-point shader needle. Very short tip 0,3 mm. First dip in the anesthetic and then start with the Tattoo Removy to open the skin at the pigmentation softly. Tattoo Removy will break down encapsulation. When the skin fully opens, stop the treatment. If not, repeat soft pigmentation with Tattoo Removy again. In the end, dry the skin with cleanex. After care: apply vitamin A+D ointment after 2 hours. Absolutely don't use near the eyes.

On this picture you can see the result after the use of the Soft Brow Removy.

The active ingredients in all products are:

Collagenase Non medical collagen solvent. Pigment is encapsulated. Collagenase opens the encapsulation. Enables your body to reject the unwanted pigment.

Magnesium Sulfate Also known as Epsom Salt. This salt is frequently used as detox agent. It cleans your intestines. Also used as intestines cleaner before stomach operations. Magnesium sulfate will help to breakdown the encapsulation of the pigment in your own skin.

Barium Sulfate This salt is used in hospitals to create contrast in X-ray photographs, for stomach and gullet (esophagus). It will react with Carbon and Iron Oxide molecules, breaking down the crystal structure of the unwanted pigment.

Natrium Chloride Better known as the salt in your kitchen. It helps to keep your skin open, slow down the healing process, so the pigment is able to heal out. It also helps to keep the wound sterile.

Natrium BiCarbonate Also known as baking soda, this is a strong natural cleanser and also used in many tooth brush paste.

Green Soap Used as cleansing agent. It also help to prevent skin heals to fast and pigment can not leave the skin.

Ingredients: Removy Solution/Removal/Tattoo Removal

Aqua Isopropyl Alcohol Titaniumdioxide Magnesiumsulfate Bariumsulfate Natriumchloride Natriumbicarbonaat Green Soap Grapeseed oil Vit.E acetate Phenoxyethanol Lemon essential oil

The Removal products got all the same ingredients but in different strength.


Q1. What happens when the Removal is applied too deep in the skin ? When you use bare beauty Soft Brow Removal or Tattoo Removal it works best to apply very superficial. When you go to deep most of the active ingredients will bleed out. The product itself will not harm the skin or course scars. Our removal products does not contain any acid alkali. Of course if you go to deep with the needle it’s never ok.

Q2. How many treatments do I need before pigment is gone? This depends on the amount of pigment in the skin and the type of pigment particle. Our removal will not take out the pigment immediately. It takes time to break down the crystal form of the pigment. It’s not a product which let disappear tattoo or pigmentation in one treatment. Laser also takes several treatments. With bare beauty Removal it is the same.

Q3. Does it remove all pigments/ colours ? Some pigments are more easy to remove than others. Carbon black and iron oxide are very good to remove. Both pigments widely used in micropigmentation pigments.Titanium Dioxide is a white pigment, that can be removed with Soft Brow Removal and Tattoo Removy. Titanium Dioxide can not be removed by laser. There are many types of red pigments, some of them are easy to remove but there are pigments which are very persistent. Green Pigment, mostly Chroomoxide or Cuppersulfate, is the most difficult pigment to remove.

Q4. What is the best after car After the removal treatment the skin has to heal in rest and peace.

For 24 hours:

- do not touch the skin with your hands - no water contact - wear no makeup - no scrubbing

After 2 hour you can apply «Removy Solution». You have to do this twice a day. This lotion will keep the ingredients of the removal more active. It helps your skin to reject the unwanted pigment. Removy Solution helps to break down the encapsulation of the pigment. It also help to break the crystal structure of the pigment in small pieces. It also keeps the skin open and sterile. As long as the skin is open, it helps to reject the unwanted pigment. Apply Removy Solution for 10 days after every treatment.


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Solutie indepartare tatuaje TATTOO Removy

Solutie indepartare tatuaje TATTOO Removy

Tattoo Removal This is the most strong removal, do not use around the eyes or on delicate skin. Tattoo Removal is also applied with 5-shader needle. This can’t be used on eyes but might be used on unwanted lip pigmentations. For tattoo, for lips (liner and shading), for organic pigments and also for white pigment.